Volta45 (Ghana)

FANDANGOS – Thursday, 13th July.

Volta45 (Bernard Johnson-Tackie) is a Ghanaian born, London based record collector, DJ, writer and promoter who is widely recognized for his highly developed, unique style which reflects the varied influences that have continuously informed his creativity. He travels the world digging for records which would have been otherwise forgotten in time. His musical style is Jazzy and percussive; playing a distinctive mix of afro funk, jazz, afrobeat , highlife and afro influenced sounds from Africa, South America, The French Carribean and beyond.

This unique style makes him one of most sought after DJs on the afro scene in London. His Afro-Palace Live Sessions nights in the East End of London is legendary for putting on some of the best bands. He has also been a regular on the UK music festival scene because of his innate skills making people dance.

During his musical career, Volta45 has collaborated with various bands and record labels, notably Soundway Records(Konkoma), Yaaba Funk, Fofoula(offshoot of Outhouse Ruhabi) and The Scorpions to name but a few. He is currently working with a traditional Ghanaian outfit whose single will be out on his GoldenStool label imprint later on this year.

Listen to his Mixcloud here.

photo1 1 - Volta45 (Ghana)