The Rambunctious Social


The Rambunctious Social club is a creatively curious collision of DJ–ing, sets of visual invention and interaction, accompanied by stunning artwork…Its immersive and instantly infectious vibe appeals to a broad section of revellers, young and old and occupies a unique position in the Club/arts world. Run by artist Lee Hodges (Hodguez) and Glyn Griffiths (Griff) it is now in it’s seventh year.

Musically Rambunctious manages to pull off and mix a dazzling array of Tropical genres and still manage to retain it’s own utterly unique upbeat sound. Coming from the far western wilds of the UK, they are fast becoming festival and club favourites with slots at Bestival, Port Eliot, Movimientos and of course Tropical Pressure Festival, not to mention a whole host of collaborations!

Find more information on their website and soundcloud. 

Rambunctious - The Rambunctious Social