AMPHITHEATRE – Sunday, 16th July

The People’s String Foundation mix passionate theatrics with an urban gypsy sound. Led by Ben Sutcliffe (musical director for Rogue, Kneehigh and Bish Bash Bosh Theatre companies) who’s virtuoso violin styles have landed him to play with the likes of The Levellers, The Stranglers, The Yardbirds and Gary Stringer from Reef.

The People’s String Foundation are on a mission – to make something big and beautiful with nothing but heart and a grafter’s spirit. Their anti-corporate ethos make them the local heroes the community deserves as they have and always will rely solely on the public’s support.

The People’s String Orchestra will be performing as a duo on the Amphistage on Sunday, 16th July.

You can find more info on their facebook page, and on their website.