FANDANGOS – Saturday 15th July

Philou Louzolo: born and raised between the forests and salty ocean breeze of Southern Zeeland. Being blessed with deeply rooted ties to the townships of Sierra Leone and the jungle surrounding the Congo river and Nigeria (the birth of Fela Kuti’s Afrobeat), his sets sound like Pan-African propaganda packed with sounds the Sahara and Africa’s many jungles. Combine this with the soulful and raw sounds of Chicago/Detroit-inspired music and you start to get the picture of a Philou Louzolo night.

His unique sound is being praised on both national and international level. Several praising reviews have appeared in various media including The Guardian, Okay Africa and NPR resulting in a packed international schedule with live sets in Marrakech (Atlas Festival), Paris (DJOON), Manchester(SoupKitchen), Lyon, Skopje, Nantes, Sicily, Madrid, Barcelona (ClubNitsa) and Lisbon.

For a sample of Philou’s mixes, check out his SoundCloud Page

Philou Press by Laisa Maria Please Credit Photographer 011 - PHILOU LOUZOLO (NETHERLANDS)

Photo by Laisa Maria