MAIN STAGE – Saturday 15th July

M’Toro Chamou is an artist, author, composer and performer from Mayotte; a French island in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and Mozambique. Although France has administrative control of the territory and it is part of the EU, this tiny tropical archipelago is no stranger to political controversy.

M’Toro began performing music at a very early age, mixing rock with traditional rhythms of Mayotte as well as African music heard on the radio. As his artistic journey progressed, he realised the power of lyrics to convey a powerful message; that his culture was sinking at the expense of another from the West. His singular, expressive voice, combined with this deep and heart-felt message, make him a very special artist.

His style can be defined as Africa Pop Rock: a mix of traditional rhythms (M’Godro) and western sounds, such as rock and blues.