Krar Collective 300x169 - KRAR COLLECTIVE
Krar Collective will serve up a colourful feast of mind-blowing Ethiopian grooves on the Main Stage, Saturday. Led by Temesgen Zeleke, a former student of Ethiojazz legend Mulatu Astatke, Krar Collective perform a rootsy yet contemporary take on traditional music from Ethiopia based on other-worldly modes and driven by hypnotic rhythms. The traditional acoustic krar lyre is associated with the azmari minstrel tradition; electrified, in the hands of Zeleke it becomes a gritty, ancient rock guitar. Accompanied just by traditional kebero drums played by Grum Begashaw and fronted by the stunning vocals of Genet Assefa, Krar Collective with a minimal line up create a surprisingly full band sound, leading them to be dubbed ‘The Ethiopian White Stripes’.