Uniquely, Tropical Pressure is a 100% Vegetarian Festival! We work hard to source some of the very best Vegetarian chefs and street food stalls across the land and aim to offer a delicious range of meals and snacks that all the family will enjoy.

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Ben Quin Festival Banquet: A ticket to a TP first….a Woodfired Festival Banquet hosted by the uber talented Ben Quin & the Canteen @ Wheal Kitty Crew! Friday we have a LATIN AMERICAN themed banquet in the eco parks covered Atrium. Saturday is a seated AFRICAN themed banquet in the eco parks covered Atrium and Sunday is a family friendly CARIBBEAN themed woodfired feast & delicious dessert! Find out m
ore and get tickets HERE

beanbug 001 150x150 - FOOD & DRINKBean Bug: When in need for your daily caffeine fix, look out for this rather quirky tricycle. These guys do some seriously good, freshly ground coffee, proper flapjacks, a good cuppa and friendly chat.




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Blue Moon Cafe: a lovely place to be day and night for a chill and a bite. Once In A Blue Moon is a travelling cafe which was started in 2013 by a group of friends who had been going to festivals in the UK and backpacking the world for over 10 years.



churros 150x150 - FOOD & DRINKChoccy Churros: We can’t imagine what life would be like without a sunny field, filled with colourful people, tropical music and the sweet wafting smells of those deep fried Spanish doughnut sticks… Basically, you can’t have a festival without them (and that rich chocolate sauce). We’re happy to say that this year we can all enjoy a cheeky churro at 2 in the morning… it’s clearly what festivals are for!



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Deli Pops: Concocted and frozen in St. Agnes, Deli Pops will be supplying us all with their colourful, melt in the mouth and utterly delicious Ice-Lollies via their vintage freezer bike. We are proud of these guys who are now selling their proper lollies across the nation! Have a little lick on a coconut and mint and you’ll find yourself on a tropical island.



KcF 150x150 - FOOD & DRINKKCF: or Keep Cornwall Fed. Two lovely Chefs from the Eden Project kitchens who will be making some really groovy veggie and vegan burgers, fries and sweet potato wedges for us to devour. However, aside from the tasty grub, these two are on a mission to reduce food waste and tackle food poverty in Cornwall. KCF is a social enterprise and for every meal sold at Tropical Pressure, another meal will be donated back to someone in food poverty.


lafafa trailer 150x150 - FOOD & DRINKLaFaFa: We couldn’t have a vegetarian, world music festival without Falafel and Lindsey makes hers hot and fresh. Served in hot pitas, stuffed with zesty Lebanese inspired salads, juice olives homemade pickles and generally just all round vibrant flavors.



Manic Organic 150x150 - FOOD & DRINKManic Organic: A Tropical Pressure favorite, you can’t miss the bright yellow flowers and good vibes of Manic Organic. Perch on one of the lovely Cafe benches and get yourself a plate of irresistible, organic grown vegetable Pakoras- they’re ridiculously good.



mex 150x150 - FOOD & DRINKMexican Bean: A gorgeous little 1950s Citroen dishing out a marvel of classic burritos and nachos. Follow your nose to find these real Mexican inspired treats including cinnamon Hot Chocolate. Ay, caramba!



truly crumptious 001 150x150 - FOOD & DRINKTruly Crumpets: Have you ever tried a good homemade (on site) crumpet with a melt-in-the mouth topping? We’d highly recommend it. These won ‘best snack award’ at Womad in 2016, amongst other awards. These crumpets are like nothing else you’ve ever tried: made with organic Cornish flour, the middle is fluffy and the griddled top crunchy. In addition, the crew serving these tasty morsels from Helen’s groovy Caravan are some of the loveliest on site.


mex 150x150 - FOOD & DRINK Chip of the Block: A crispy, golden outer shell, with a soft and fluffy inner core. Unique, simple, delicious… and downright essential. These guys are bringing us triple cooked cheesy chips to enjoy from day, till night and early morning. Not only are these chips cooked to perfection, but they are also going to be wrapped in the most delicious three cheese combo.: Montgomery’s Ogleshield, Montgomery’s Cheddar and Smoked Cheddar. These already tick all our cheesy-chippy boxes, but we can also rest easy because we have official confirmation that these chips are cheesy all the way through, with every spud making contact! Vegan cheese is also on the menu folks; This experience is for everyone! They’ll be driving down from the Westcountry in their stunning VW LT35 that runs off their own chip fat. Hooray.


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Archar Street Food: Authentic & taste bud tantelising, knock your socks off Indian Street Food. You’ll be able to delight in Pan & Behl Puris & keep an eye out for his traditional Chai Masala pot roaming the festival site. You’ll find Terry dishing



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Flour Power Pizza Parlour: Not only is this couple seriously groovy, they also spent 3 years living in Italy and trained in the fine art of Pizza, in Florence. These two are big on quality and local ingredients of which they use is 100% only the finest: 00 Organic multi-seed flours from Somerset; genuine Organic Buffalo mozzarella from Hampshire and a menu that you can only dream of when the need for pizza strikes (which is often). They also serve up a dreamy, fully vegan, menu.


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The Yolkal: For the early risers; pop over to this beautifully converted, vintage horsebox for a cup of good tea and a gorgeous, warm morning welcome. You’ll be able to choose from pots of homemade granola -with all the good toppings, organic baps from Dabara bread, straight from the farm eggs and avocado and chili to wake up the masses. It is safe to say these are the best (happiest) eggs in town (fully vegan breaky also available!). You’ll find The Yolkal in the campsite from 7am.


events - FOOD & DRINKCecil on Ice: Lovingly handmade Ice Cream served from a classic and restored 1973 Bedford. However, Cecil is by no means stuck in the 70’s when it comes to the menu. Offering a truly unique combination of both dairy and vegan ice cream, fresh and fruity Granita and in true tropical heat style, the Affogato dream team that is coffee + ice cream.



eih - FOOD & DRINKEl Huichol: Tacos tacos tacos… a feast of flavour in these boxes of beautifully presented, colourful bites of joy. We can’t wait to try these…. Smoky sweet potato with feta, avocado and coriander, tequila and ancho chili tempura vegetables, ancho sauce, charred sweet corn…. And so on.



13226638 1199570440067144 5036414181614660547 n - FOOD & DRINKThe MoMo Shack: A representative of simple, traditional Tibetan and Nepalese street food. Prepared freshly and steamed in woven baskets for delicious, authentic cooking. Look out for the colourful Tibetan flags fluttering in the Cornish breeze. You’ll be glad to sample these mouthwatering, steaming momo (dumplings)… Although once you have, you won’t be able to stop!


31531084 1999855636933281 4058718213247074304 n - FOOD & DRINKFlavours of Africa: A family business specialising in authentic Nigerian dishes using recipes that have been used for generations! All their dishes are gluten, dairy, wheat, sugar, soya, mushroom and palm oil free and fully vegan! Cor! You won’t be able to miss them…they even won the ‘Best Dressed Stall Glastonbury 2017’ award. We promise you’ll be quite happy when handed a plate of jollof rice, plantain and spinach stew! In Cornwall…this is not something we are lucky enough to eat every day.


1452638171 - FOOD & DRINKMonty’s Caribbean Kitchen: We can already smell the sweet and heartwarming Caribbean spices roasting over the Barrel BBQs at Monty’s. The menu will be entirely Vegan and therefore representative of the traditional Rastafarian Ital diet eaten in Jamaica. This food is all-natural herbs, all-natural spices and full on flavour. Think hot, sweet and tasty- authentic food cooked with heart and soul.


30689220 1888180551257329 8557918473596887251 n - FOOD & DRINKThe Chintz Symposium: For those that don’t already know the Chintz bar, you are in for a treat. Imagine yourself down an Alice and Wonderland rabbit hole..ending up at Cornwall’s most Tropical Festival! You’re in for a treat here: cosy sofas; a quirky stage (with some rather unique happenings); a glass of delightful biodynamic wine and a classic bruschetta or baked Cornish Camembert! You’ll be able to join them from first thing for smoothies and bloody Mary’s and here will essentially be a place to unwind, chill out and check out the view of the Cornish Tin Mines…


External 03 05 17 - FOOD & DRINKThe Sprout Health Food Shop: We are pleased and honored to announce that this year our go to festival shop will be opened by the glowing Sprout Health Food team. Based in Newquay and already an essential part of the local community, this store will be where you’ll head to when you need pretty much anything. We’d highly recommend browsing at some of their healthy, nutritious, organic, vegan, ethical, bio, eco items…you absolutely need these guys in your life and they are promoting some wonderfully valuable lessons too.