Tropical Pressure Festival is set in the glorious surroundings of Mount Pleasant Eco Park – a 42 acre farm perched above the sea at Porthtowan on the North Cornish Coast. Its a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and has 360 degree views of some of the UK’s most dramatic and stunning coastal landscapes.


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The beating heart of the Tropical Pressure festival, this is the place to catch all the biggest bands on our purpose built stage. Added bonus of an unbeatable view of the sea at Porthtowan as the sun goes down…


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Enter the fabulous world of Fandangos, the place for late night adventures after the sun goes down. Experience sound-system vibes with extra-special guests. All with out of this world Tropical decor – Tropical dress-code is an essential!

The late night party room hosting the cream of Cornwall’s DJ talent. Dancing obligatory. Rum optional.

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In a galaxy far, far away lies a discotheque perpetually playing the in sound from way, way out. Few have the means, or knowledge, to reach it, but those who do rarely return. For but a few precious nights in our celestial calendar, when Aquarius rises in the west, and vibes are right, the crew of The Enchanted Dancehall load their leatherette upholstered space ship bedecked only in crushed purple velour to find a venue befitting of a journey back to planet earth. Find it with a few whispered words from those in the know, and miss it at your peril, The Enchanted Dancehall is a hidden venue that only comes to life when the stars align and the moon gives the signal…. bass is the place. Just remember to bring your fancy space suit for entry to Saturday nights Sea of Tranquility Ball.

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Dedicated to great local bands making music with an international flavour, the Amphitheatre stage has amazing views over the whole site and grassy banked seating for 200.

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Treat your taste-buds to a sensational selection of 100% Vegetarian foods from around the globe, served from unique and individual stalls. Find out what delights await you HERE

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A great big tent and grassy space dedicated to play, plus a Storytelling Tent filled with mind moulding adventures to keep kids happy for hours.

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A sunny shelter dedicated to all things creative, aimed at adults who want to make while they enjoy their mojitos.


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All Tropical Pressure Camping is within a safely enclosed, grassy area outside the Main festival areas. Stunning views, hot showers and a dedicated campervan spaces. We also have a dedicated Family Camping Area, which is a little further from the hubub, has a 10pm noise curfew, and you can park your car next to your tent. Find out more about camping HERE or book a Bell tent HERE

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Feeling in need of some spiritual and physical nourishment? Head to the Tropical Pressure Rejuvenation area to recharge your mind, body and soul, with free workshops including meditation, yoga, wellbeing, relaxing craft sessions, Women’s and Brotherhood circles and more. Trained therapists are on hand to offer paid treatments in Shiatsu, Sports Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology and Acupuncture. Plus the very special pop up bars by Atlantic Gin and the Chintz Bar Falmouth are happy to help you further relax with nibbles, organic and vegan juices, wines, healthy (!) cocktails and a cheeky G&T all while the sun goes down on another fantastic day at Tropical Pressure Festival.

The perfect spot to relax, refuel and revitalise