DJ FiFi (UK)

Madame JuJu’s – Friday 14th July

Miss Fi-Fi loves to dance! She danced all over the 90’s Manchester club and free party scene, the naughties Nottingham club and free party scene and then in 2007 she danced her way down to Cornwall, bouncing and spinning in so many fields and beautiful outdoor places. She isn’t confined by genres. For Miss Fi-Fi, music is emotion and she expresses it through dance. The beauty of Cornwall fills her with emotions of joy and happiness and foot stomping energy! The music that best suits the expression of these emotions is what you’ll hear in her sets.

After years of friends encouraging Miss Fi-Fi to play the music she loves she finally started learning to mix in 2014. At the same time she also started dancing with Dakadoum, an Afro-Brazilian Samba Band, dancing Samba Reggae, Maracatu and the dances of the Candomble Orishas. You’ll find at least some elements of African and Latin music in all of her sets because these are the rhythms and melodies that inspire her to dance with the most joy.

For more info you can access her Facebook and Soundcloud. 

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