Creatures of the Deep 300x227 - CREATURES OF THE DEEP
Bringing together influences from Afro-Cuban Soukous and Desert Blues to Folk and Jazz, Creatures of the Deep create hypnotic Afro-folk with an earthy but ephemeral effect.

Members Liz Ikamba, Olly Him, Sarah Jean-Baptiste and Gemma Doughty blend arresting vocals and group harmonies with melodic riffs and infectious rhythms, making for lucid soundscapes of syncopated groove. Lyrics are sung in both English and Lingala (native to DR Congo).

Based in Brighton, Creatures have played alongside local acts including Lakuta, Yamaya, Strings of Peace, and Faye Houston of the Resonators. Over the last three years, the band have completed their first demo, EP and French tour, playing at venues in Paris and the Normandy area. They are currently recording new material, due for release later this year.