MAIN STAGE – Friday 14th July

The sweetly exuberant chanting of 3 female voices, the marimba, the drums & guasa percussion surrounding Nidia Góngora…
Canalón de Timbiqui embody the rich musical mix of African and Latin-American traditions unique to Colombia’s Pacific coast.

Canalon’s music is all about ancestral sounds from this area, which recreates all the power and rhythm of the chonta marimba, with ist guasa and bombo. Their melodies and lyrics talk about the jungle, the river, the miners and all things that happen in the town they come from.

Hailing from the town of Timbiquí in Cauca state on the Pacific Coast, the female singers are led by the sensational Nidia Góngora and are supported by a band using a range of traditional percussive instruments such as the tambora drum and the xylophone-style marimba.

Their interest in traditional music has lead Nidia Góngora to work with Quantic for the past five years in collaborations and tours across Europe. In 2012, Sofrito Records included in its compilation record LA ZORRA Y EL PEROL, one of Canalón’s classic songs. In the same year, the group made a cover of La Jeanne from renonwed and beloved French artist George Brassens.

Their recent album ARRULLANDO gathers the most traditional rhythms from the pacific coast. It has been nominated for BEST FOLCLOR RECORD at Shock Awards in Colombia; the most important awards of music in Colombia.

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