MAIN STAGE – Friday 14th July

Bareto’s alternative tropical music draws its inspiration from rock, reggae and dub as much as from cumbia, salsa and meringue. In ten years, Bareto have put 4 albums in the racks, toured all over the American continent and won several prizes, gaining international fame. Nominated for a Latin Grammy Award 2012 and after a great participation in the South by Southwest Festival last year and in LAMC Festival, Bareto are getting more and more attention from Peru and abroad. New York Times critic Jon Pareles, even compared their music to the legendary band “Los Lobos” from Los Angeles.

Their album, ‘Ves Lo Que Quieres Ver‘ (You See What You Want To See,) gained a Latin Grammy Nomination for Best Record Package. The first single, ‘Camaleon‘ , gave the tone of the entire album and of the bands political stance. It directly addresses a message to the political class, condemning the fact that they always use their power to their own benefits without keeping their promises. The record also treats of other subjects such as racism, social differences and street insecurity, facts that mark Peru’s everyday reality but are too often forgotten.

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