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“One of the most talented and engaging purveyors of the music right now” – Mojo.

Poet, novelist, musician and lecturer, Anthony Joseph creates a a hypnotic blend of rapturous spoken word and groove fusing the rhythmic speech and music of the Caribbean to create the sounds and vibes that rock the islands of his cultural roots. Bursts of catchy rhythms and slow percussive riff progressions, incandescent voodoo funk and rhythmical high-speed frenzies shot through with free-jazz sax, all fall under Anthony Joseph’s guidance, as he spins his lyrical blend of Afro-futurism and surrealism on his latest album Caribbean Roots.

Caribbean Roots, released July 2016 via Heavenly Sweetness/Strut Records, attempts to unite the different islands in a single entity where the identity of each isn’t diluted by the mix, instead creating a richer and stronger alloy

In 2005 he was selected by the Arts Council of England and Renaissance One as one of 50 Black and Asian writers who have made major contributions to contemporary British literature. He has received an Arts Council of England touring award, and an AHRC postgraduate scholarship to complete his doctoral thesis; a ‘fictional biography’ of the legendary Trinidadian calypsonian Lord Kitchener. In January 2015 he presented Kitch a BBC4 documentary based on his research.

Anthony Joseph, one moment a chronicler reciting his text against a background of simple percussion, the next a storyteller possessed by the power of a hypnotic bassline and groove.

You can find out more about him from his website, facebook and soundcloud.

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